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Filming one of the most important days of your life should be more than a simple documentation of the day.  The emotions that you felt throughout the day, the tender moments you shared with your spouse during the ceremony, the funny but heartwarming toast from your maid of honor…. All these intricate details that exemplify the enchanting moments you will want to cherish for the rest of you life should be unfolded in a story that brings out the true emotions of the day.

We are dedicated to create lasting memories that are personalized exclusively for you and your special day. Our aim is to capture and create cinematic moments that will turn your wedding story into a moving, dynamic and captivating documentary.YES DOCUMENTARY NOT JUST A SHORT FILM.  

We film everything possible in your wedding day. We used our skills to create the most precious cinematic, artistic wedding film possible for your memories and put in a nice highlights film. There will be so many feelings and emotions and impressions in the air on your wedding day. With us you will have  a keepsake that will last forever and relive your day over and over and over again.


Here is what we do for you:


-multicam filming


- wedding highlights film


- large documentary: wedding preparation, wedding ceremony, wedding reception, park


- live broadcast


 - SD, HD, web version